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Why I Support Google’s Fight Against SEO Guest Blogging


Back in January, Matt Cutts said that if you’re guest blogging for links, stop.  This was followed by a penalty imposed by Google on a large guest blogging network (unfair imo); and millions of Google Webmaster Tools notifications telling site owners that their guest blogging techniques may be harming their search performance.

I must admit, I was, and still am, one of the site owners who accepts guest blog posts; all be it on a very small scale.

I do that for days when I don’t have the time to blog, and am always very picky about the topics submitted and always insist that the only “self-serving” link to the site should be in the profile and always branded.

Below is an example of the 100s of guest blogging proposals I used to receive  from “SEO companies” on a weekly basis.

Guest Blog Proposal Screenshot at May 11 06-44-32

These types of emails have now largely stopped (thankfully!). They’ve been replaced by emails asking me to remove legitimate [profile] links on my blog from guest bloggers such as Anny below..

Link Removal Request Screenshot at May 11 06-50-22

Anny’s guest post was legit and an informative one relevant to the theme of my site.  Furthermore, it contained no self-serving exact anchor links; only one  branded one in her profile box..

Branded Profile Link Example - Screenshot at May 11 07-18-24

Needless to say, and at her request, the above link has since been removed.

Why I support Google’s fight against SEO guest blogging (for links)

Unfortunately, over the years, guest blogging (a perfectly legitimate practice if done with good intentions) has been abused by “SEOs” who have used it to artificially boost their clients’ ranking.  This has directly lead to the proliferation of low quality content on the web, and provided a negative reputation for the SEO industry.

I love the web and hate to see it trashed with low quality content.  I also love my industry and hate to see it undermined by “SEOs” who take the short cut to achieve short-term results for their clients.

Google’s aggressive actions against guest blogging for links addresses my two concerns above.  This is why I support Google’s fight against guest blogging for links.

I will continue to accept guest blogs on this site and will also continue to guest blog on other websites as guest blogging (if done right) is still a great way to build your brand; both personal or otherwise.

Over to you…

Do you support Google’s fight against guest blogging for SEO? Has Google’s crackdown on guest blogging lead you to alter your SEO tactics?  Share your views below…

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