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Untargeted Guest Blogging Links: Ticking Time Bomb



Google’s recent scaremongering in regards to guest blogging for links appears to be working.

A while back I accepted to publish a guest blogger’s post about sharing meaningful content.  The guest blogger in question appears to have been indirectly representing Vistaprint (a major stationery brand in the UK) at the time.

A couple of days ago, I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email form Vistaprint requesting that I remove the branded link in the writer’s profile box, below the article.

It appears that the guest blogger seems to have been working on behalf of what appears to be Vistaprint’s  previous “SEO agency”.

Jan Hill

It was a wise decision on the part of Vistaprint to ask me to remove the link and I’m glad that they have the foresight to anticipate any threats to their standing with Google.

Key Takeaway:

Untargeted guest blogging, especially after Google’s  “link schemes” update,  is like a ticking time bomb.  It will eventually hurt your ranking on Google.

In this case, the post in question was useful for my site but had no relevance to Vistaprint’s business.  This strategy might have worked once upon a time, but it no longer does.

More brands should follow Vistaprint’s lead.

Forewarned is forearmed

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