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Whitepaper: Minimizing Bounce Rate: 10 Things To Consider



In 2014, search algorithms will focus more and more on site engagement. This includes -among other things- interactions with your content and pageviews on your site.

Bouncerates are one of these metrics that you need to monitor closely.

A high bounce rate may mean a lot of things–either your website visitors found what they were looking for on a single webpage or they did not find anything useful at all, thus the shift away from your site.

The fact remains that in most cases, a high bounce rate is a reflection of your website’s lack of engagement. It means your visitors are not checking out other webpages on your site.

If yours is an e-commerce site and most people don’t get past the landing page, then your high bounce rate can spell disastor.

At Sandstorm we created yet another whitepaper to address this very topic. It icnludes ten tips for lowering your bounce rate and improving the level of engagement offered by your site.

Download it here

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