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Is Your Site In Danger of Looking Like An MFA?

Matt Cutts

In his latest video, Matt Cutts responds to a question about automatically generated web pages (aka “MFA” or Made for Adsense sites) confirming that they do take manual action against them.

This is not breaking news, Google has always been against these types of sites as they pose a risk to Google’s algorithm by providing a poor user experience.

What’s interesting though is the fact that many well established sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Yelp, to name a few, also provide auto-generated results that show up for particular search queries such as names of people, locations, etc.

While sites of this stature are not at risk of getting penalized, your site might if it meets any of the following criteria:

  1. produces search pages with 0 results
  2. produces search results pages based on keyword phrases (e.g.tagged pages)
  3. aggregates news without adding any further value to users.
  4. has shallow content with lots of ads above the fold.

To circumvent any potential Google penalty, ensure your site is not at risk of appearing like and “MFA” by removing your site’s internal search results pages from Google’s indexed and esnuring that all your pages contain sufficient original content with minimal ads above the fold.

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