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Five FREE Must-Have iPad Apps for Toddlers [Reviews]

iPad Apps for Kids

iPad Apps for KidsEach new generation proves to be more tech-savvy than the generation before it. With the advent of Apple’s iPad, even toddlers are getting in on the action. Many of the hundreds of apps added to the App Store every day are specifically designed for toddlers. Here are five of the best, each of which can be downloaded for free:

1. Toddler Email.

No, it is not really an email program for toddlers. Instead, this app generates messages from fictional characters such as the Muffin Man, Old MacDonald, and Itsy Bitsy Spider. Each message includes an audio message along with a fun activity—usually educational in nature. While the full version includes more characters, the free version functions without the annoyance of ads.  Downoad the App.

2. Touch! Toddler Piano.

This app allows your child to get an early start on reading and playing music. Children are shown how to play familiar songs on a piano keyboard. Plus, they can enjoy some variety with other instruments and animal sounds. Both a free version and an ad-free version are available. Download the App.

3. Sprout’s Good Night Star.

Through a clever mix of video, music, and interactive activities, toddlers are able to help Star—a star-shaped character—prepare for bed. Your child can clean Star’s face, brush Star’s teeth, and then rock Star to sleep. This free app helps children unwind after a busy day and then shows them how to prepare themselves for bed.  Download the App.

4. Alphabet Car.

With this app, your toddler can steer a bus by tilting the iPad. As the bus travels down the road, it picks up letters to spell words. While your child is having fun, he or she is also learning the alphabet and how to spell basic words. The free version includes only a couple levels and stages; the full version offers a wide variety of levels, stages, and customisable vehicles. Download the App.

5. Preschool Memory Match.

Your child can test his or her memory while matching images in this app reminiscent of the classic game of Concentration. With each correct match, a sound effect plays and a voice identifies the image. There are no time limits or scores to beat, just a good time to be enjoyed.  Download the App.

The iPad provides a mix of entertaining and educational opportunities for your toddler. By choosing the right apps, you can help your child learn and grow.

What’s your favourite iPad App kids/toddlers?  Share below.

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  • Tala Anastas

    My 3 year old has tried and tested all the above mentioned. They are a wonderful learning tool and good distraction from tv or when out and about. We have the smule magic piano, which I prefer to the piano app mentioned here. Thanks so much for the helpful article, I have been searching for such a topic since we bought our iPad. Another app we love is the baabaa from duck duck moose. Talking Tom is also fun for both adults and children of all ages, I just don’t like the feature where the cat becomes dizzy after pushing it, it encourages violence… Please keep us posted on any other apps u come across

    • Glad you found the article useful Tala and thanks for the tips on the smule magic piano, baabaa from duck duck moose and Talking Tom.  Difficult to cover all apps here as there are so many really good ones out there.  Will try to follow up this post with another similar one soon.  Stay tuned :)

  • Rob

    good list, should try it!

  • Julia Davis

    There are iPhone apps for kids create interest in a child to learn the things easily and in a quicker way. The iPhone apps with their visual appearance and eye-catching graphics help to catch the attention of the kid. These apps most likely improve the kid’s language, skills and intellectual ability.

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