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Elon Musk’s PowerWall Launch: The Power of Story in PowerPoint


elon-presenting-powerwallelon presenting powerwall

I recently watched the launch of PowerWall by Elon Musk; and while he’s not quite Steve Jobs, he does use the same storied approach to product launches.

Watch his launch of ‪#‎PowerWall‬ and if, like me, your business relies on constant new business pitches to grow or if you’re an entrepreneur trying to secure funding or want to launch a product, learn how Elon brilliantly gets to his sales pitch……

Elements of a storied presentation

Story structure

Before you start any presentation, provide a logical story structure with a beginning, a middle and an end. All good story plots are based on conflict and challenge, failing, learning, and eventually succeeding.

Here are the elements of Elon’s storied presentation that drove the point and clinched the sale:

1. The hook

Before you start drafting your powerpoint, think about your hook: Something that will catch the audience’s attention and make them stand up and notice. In the above example, Elon used the environment, something we all care about. The data he used was visualized and even, without it, he had already captured the attention of his audience with that slide showing fossil fuel pollution.

2. Setting the Stage: Defining Setting, Characters & Conflict

Very early on in his presentation, Elon set the stage for us. He defined the setting as Earth, the characters: the hero (protagonist) being the human race, and the bad guy (antagonist), being large fossil fuel companies set out to destroy the world.

He also defined the current status quo of how the world is today, run by fossil fuels and basically on a downward spiral into oblivion.

This perfect intro framed the undeniable conflict that exists between the protagonist (the human race) and the antagonist (fossil fuel companies).

The following slide captured it all:


3. Change & Resolution

All good stories have an element of change. That change usually happens to the protagonist (the hero) – in the case of Elon’s presentation, he’s already defined this character as the human race.

The change can come in various forms, but usually the stories that resonate are the ones that show a character going trough various stages of learning and self discovery before they change for the better.

In his presentation, Elon captured that change within the product demo starting at 6:20, brilliant, he actually showed his product as the driver of change and delivering the hero to a much better world run by his environmentally friendly product, the Tesla PowerWall.

It doesn’t get any better than that folks.

Over to you…

Are you inspired by Elon Musk’s product launch?  Which other product launches inspire you? Share below…

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