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American Express’ “SPENT” – Storytelling via Documentary



Some brands excel at telling the real life stories of their customers via documentary short films. American Express is one such brand.

2 years ago they produced a film about the nearly 70 million Americans locked out of traditional financial services. The aim? to spark a movement for hope and change.

American Express cited CFSI’s November 2013 Market Sizing Report as a backdrop to the documentary; it states that in 2012, Americans spent $89 billion on fees and interest on alternative financial services.

According to American Express:

Turning to pawn shops, check cashing services, and payday loans to meet basic financial needs can be a costly choice. It’s time for change. New technology, new ideas and new conversation around this issue can help create more simple, affordable money management options.

In response, they produced this brilliant real life stories documentary by Academy Award winning filmmaker Davis Guggenheim. The intention was to spark a dialogue about financial inclusion in the United States.

Watch the full documentary film “Spent: Looking for Change”

To learn more and take action, visit http://www.spentmovie.com/.


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