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6 Things to Think About When Calculating SEO ROI



Yesterday, I had the pleasure of hosting Dubai Digital‘s first SEO 101 workshop to kick off the thought leadership vision I had for Sandstorm Digital when I first joined towards the beginning of the year.

Attendance was high and very engaged.  The  fact that the attendees represented some of the biggest brands in the Middle East (both B2B and B2C) reaffirmed my conviction that digital is high on the agenda for many in the region and that a major disruption to the traditional marketing and advertising model in the MENA region is fast approaching.

And why not? Digital marketing spend is very efficient and extremely accountable, if you’re measuring it that is!

This is why the most important slide in my workshop yesterday was the last one:

“Things to Think About When Calculating SEO ROI”

Here they are…

  1. Think of SEO as an acquisition channel (even though it is “free”).
  2. Measure it against your other channels (e.g. TV, Press, Radio, PPC, Social).
  3. Ensure you have a strong grasp of the value of a customer acquisition or lead.
  4. Tag your Analytics goals with your KPIs and attribute monitory value (as per above).
  5. Measure the micro conversion not just the macro.
  6. Think about “Attribution Modeling”.

The Full Prezi can be found here. It includes some basics on SEO as well as the evolution of search and how search engines work.

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