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5 New Cool Apps To Help You Manage Your Car

Gas Buddy App

Gas Buddy App

It is no secret that mobile technology is constantly evolving and continuing to change the way we look at different aspects of life, especially in relation to cars. Today, mobile apps can simplify and streamline what you do in your ca including which routes you will take in the morning to where to purchase gas and how much you pay. In general, these apps can aid you manage your vehicle, save on car essentials, and avoid accidents. That said, here is a look at some of these cool apps:


If you have been having trouble keeping managing your vehicle expenses, then this app is truly for you. aCar is a simple and straightforward app to use that enables you to manage your automobile by means of an attractive interface. Once you have acquired this app, you will need to enter your car’s information including its make and model for the app to beginning helping you.

For instance, it can calculate helpful information such as, how much it costs you to run your car each day, and how you can reduce cost. You can try out this app for free and if you love it, upgrade to the Pro version for less than 6 dollars.

Car Locator

Car Locator is an android app that does exactly what the name suggests which is to locate your car if you forgot where you parked it or if someone has moved it. The app offers vital information including how many meters away is your car, for how long have you parked and towards what location.

The app can be highly useful to city residents who usually have to watch the meter when parking. It can also come in handy at parties, where finding your car among many can be tough. The developers of the app allow you to try the app ten times before you can purchase it for less than 3 dollars.


The biggest challenge for any motorists is the price of gas. That is why GasBuddy is among the leading mobile apps for car owners. This little app helps you locate the cheapest gas station in your area so that you can save on gas. In times of disaster, the app can aid you locate functioning gas stations near you.

The app encourages users to update gas information into the site throughout the day by offering weekly rewards or incentives. This ensures that the site always has the latest information. Using this app, you can save significantly on your gas.


The iOnRoad android app helps you avoid accidents by tracking the car in front of you. The app warns you of potential coalitions with the vehicle ahead of you. It uses your Smartphone’s camera and GPS to record and provide you with these statistics. It lets you know how long it would take you to hit the car ahead of you at your current speed. For this app to work effectively, you must use a mount that does not block the phone’s camera.

The app has three dots, which indicate when you are 8, 7 and 5 seconds away from the can ahead of you. It also issues an audio alert when you get to close to a car but is able to detect bumper-to-bumper traffic so that it does not become annoying. You can get it for less than 6 dollars.

Torque Pro

If you are a car fanatic and love knowing real-time statistics about your car, then the Torque Pro app is for you. Before you can begin enjoying this amazing app, you need to acquire a Bluetooth On-board Diagnostics Adapter, which you will plug in under your steering wheel. Once, you have done that, pair your smartphone with the adapter.

Within minutes, you will be able to receive real-time facts about your car. The app provides for you things such as your current fuel economy, torque, and horsepower. It is vital to enter the information of your vehicle into the app so that it can give you the most accurate information. The app is available for less than 5 dollars but you can try the Lite Version for a while before you decide to purchase the Pro Version.

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