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Five Must-Have Social Media Apps For iPod Touch, iPhone & iPad

social media apps for apple iphone

social media apps for apple iphoneOne of the great things about having a device like the iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad is the ability to constantly connect with the world via the Internet.

Whether you’re sitting at home on the couch or you’re on a long car ride, the world remains constantly at your fingertips. A number of applications have been released for Apple’s flagship line of devices that allows you to maintain your social networking presence on the go.

These applications can connect you with services like Facebook and Twitter wherever you are. As with most types of applications for the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad, some of these programs are better than others.

Without further ado, the 5 must-have apps.

1. Twitterific

Though there are a lot of Twitter client applications available for the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad (including native integration with iOS 5), Twitterific is by far the best. It rearranges the standard Twitter interface into a basic, easy to navigate design optimized for your touch screen. Twitterific comes in a free, ad-supported version and a paid upgrade that gets rid of the ads altogether.

2. Flipboard

Flipboard takes your entire social media experience and rearranges it in the form of a magazine that you can flip through. You can sign into your Facebook and Twitter accounts right from the app and browse all of your updates in a unique and visual way. Flipboard also gives you the ability to mix in legitimate news sources with your social media content, allowing you to experience quite a bit of diverse content all from one screen.

3. Facebook

Facebook’s iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad application offers an interface better than even the one that Facebook’s own webpage provides its users. Everything you can do on the main Facebook site you can do from the application, only in a much simpler and easier to navigate fashion. Running Facebook’s app on your Apple device will make it difficult to go back to the regular Facebook experience in your Web browser.

4. Blogsy

Blogsy is by far the best way to create and maintain a blog on the mobile iPad platform. You can create posts, moderate comments, view traffic and more all from one interface. You can also add photos from sources like Flickr or Picasa right from the same application. Though other services like WordPress may have their own iPad applications, Blogsy tops them all with better features and a better graphical user interface. Unfortunately, Blogsy is only available for the iPad at this time.

5. Wikihood

Wikihood uses your current location to return Wikipedia articles that are relevant to your area. This can include biographies of famous people that were born nearby, information about local businesses and even nearby famous landmarks. You can then share this information with your relevant social networks like Twitter or Facebook, giving you a well-rounded and immersive experience based on where you happen to be standing whenever you run the application.

Do you use any killer apps not mentioned here?  Share below…

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  • I opt flipboard for social network
    because it gives more features and functions with free versions.

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