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5 Content Aggregation Tools Worth Exploring



As CSO of the MENA region’s first specialist content marketing agency, I have to stay on top of the latest/best content aggregation tools on the market.

Here are five I highly recommend:


If you’re responsible for aggregating news for an entire content marketing department, you might want to consider investing in Curata. Using Curata as your marketing dashboard, you can filter content by topic, share tidbits with your marketing team, and seamlessly oversee an entire content calendar from one handy location.



News360 lets you aggregate content specific to your target audience on any topic you choose. You can create custom news feeds for multiple topics and share your content marketing finds directly from your News360 dashboard. News360 is available as a web application and as a mobile application.



If you find data mining on Twitter and Facebook overwhelming, you might want to consider streamlining your efforts with News.me. This handy app lets you consume your Twitter and Facebook feeds via a daily news briefing that is delivered to your email inbox. No more feeling like you can’t find the information you seek due to data overload; News.me filters your fire hose so that you can share the most important content with your social media followers.



Available for Android and iOS devices, Zite lets you zero in on news specific to your business niche. Whether you want the latest updates regarding email marketing or you prefer data relevant to your needs as a social media manager, you can consume only the content you need thanks to Zite. Visually engaging and highly addictive, Zite learns from your news consumption patterns and improves your news stream over time. You can choose which topics are of the most value to your audience, and then Zite delivers a wide variety of news tidbits according to your preferences.



Flipboard lets you create custom news feeds based upon your own personal preferences. Whether you want a feed specifically for marketing news or you want a feed full of social media news, you can create the news streams you need with Flipboard. Available for both iOS and Android devices, Flipboard is an excellent tool to consider if you value visually engaging aggregated content.


Now over to you…

Do you you utilize any of these aggregation tools? Do you use multiple tools within your marketing strategy or do you use a singular platform? Are there other aggregation tools you are currently using that you find particularly valuable?

Share your experience/reviews below …

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