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4 Content Marketing Execution Approaches Worth Considering

Woman typing on a computer

Woman typing on a computer

In a recent pitch to a client last week, I was discussing the importance of content marketing and our executional approach to it.

Here are 4 content marketing techniques that can help you decide on how best to execute your content marketing strategy.

1- Content Creation.

This is quite simple and the one that most marketers would consider first when thinking about content marketing.  It’s what it says on the label; creating your own unique content.  This can be in the form of blog posts, original videos, images, podcasts, tweets, Facebook updates, etc.

2- Content Aggregation.

Aggregating content is another technique worth considering.  It is the practice collecting and organizing content in formats that are easy to digest and share. To make the most out of aggregation, it is best to utilize platforms and tools that do it for you.  Some are smarter than others so choose wisely.

3- Content Curation

Curating content is somewhat similar to aggregation but includes a level of human interaction by a credible/knowledgeable expert curator to sift through the content, organize it and add their own unique take and opinion on it.

Done well, curation can be very effective.

4- Content Re-purposing

Content re-purposing is another technique for creating content out of content you already have.  Examples of this include;

  • Videos that can be turned into written transcripts
  • Image stills taken from video footage.
  • Podcasts created from video
  • Blog posts created from webniars,

The list can go on and on and is only limited by your imagination.

The above four techniques can be extremely effective in framing your content marketing execution plan and achieving better results.

Over to you…

Do you use any of the above techniques when executing your content marketing campaigns?  Share your experience below or in the comments of this ongoing LinkedIn conversation…

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