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3 Apps To Mine Reddit For Content Marketing Inspiration

Image: Courtesty of Mashable

Image: Courtesty of Mashable

Are you a creative tasked with content marketing for your organization? Do you struggle to find content ideas that your audience will find engaging and current? One option you may not have considered is to mine Reddit for content marketing inspiration.

While attempting to find relevant content on Reddit can leave you feeling overwhelmed at the magnitude of data available, there are tools that can assist you in your data mining activities. The following selection of Android apps for Reddit can offer you plenty of content inspiration options you might not otherwise have considered.

BaconReader for Reddit

The BaconReader for Reddit app lets you search by keyword, groupings, or domain. This app comes with a tutorial overview for those not experienced in the intricacies of finding information on Reddit. You can use this app to peruse the front page of Reddit or dig into sub-Reddits to find content specific to your brand’s niche. If you utilize the ‘What’s Hot’ tab on Reddit, you can source topics that are currently trending and then adapt those topics to align with your brand’s messaging.


Reddit News

If you are conducting your data mining on a touch screen device, the Reddit News app is an excellent app to consider. This app lets you drag-and-drop relevant content, offers synchronized loading of images and comments, and offers preview images in high resolution. If plan to spend time each day sourcing content marketing ideas on Reddit, this app is highly recommended.


Reddit in Pictures

If you are unaccustomed to sourcing content on Reddit, the Reddit in Pictures app might be a great option to help you familiarize yourself with this mega-site of information. This app lets you enjoy images and GIFs on Reddit simply by swiping across content on your touch screen device. You can discover images that inspire blog posts or visual marketing options and yet you won’t necessarily feel like you have fallen down the Reddit rabbit hole.


These are just three of many data mining tools for Reddit. Using a mobile app to source content on Reddit is an excellent research hack that can significantly shorten your research time at the office. You can be mining Reddit for inspiration while you car pool to work, wait in line for public transit, or enjoy your morning cup of coffee.

Over to you…

Does Reddit help you to discover current, trending topics? Do you you use any of these mobile apps to mine Reddit for content marketing ideas?  Others?  Share below…

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