5 Slideshow Creation Tools You Might Have Missed

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If you’re looking for ways to spice up your content marketing efforts, adding slideshows to your editorial calendar might just do the trick.  The popularity of the visual web is obvious with platforms like Pinterest and Instagram seeing record growth. Utilizing slides to build your brand is a terrific way to set yourself apart from the crowd.

Here are five slide creation platforms worth a try.


The Slidestaxx platform allows users to create slideshows from website urls, images, videos, and even Amazon product links. Each slide in a Slidestaxx creation appears in full color view, resembling a mini version of the original input item. Whether a user wants to create a Slidestaxx slideshow of specific posts from their business blog, social media tools for their followers, or even a curated slideshow of affiliate linked products from Amazon, they can do so with Slidestaxx. A completed Slidestaxx slideshow can be embedded on a website or blog, posted on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, or even uploaded to video sharing sites like Youtube. The options for content promotion via Slidestaxx are virtually endless; it is definitely a tool worth adding to your content marketing arsenal. (Slidestaxx.com)


Another terrific tool to add to your content marketing toolbox is SlideRocket. The SlideRocket platform allows users to create slideshows using a variety of pre-existing templates or users can create their own templates directly on SlideRocket. From a chalkboard-inspired presentation to a slideshow with a photograph image background, all are possible on SlideRocket. Once a presentation is completed, users can embed their creation on their own site or leave their slideshow live on the SlideRocket platform. For content marketers with a creative streak, SlideRocket is well worth investigating.  SlideRocket was recently acquired by ClearSlide. (SlideRocket.com)


PicoVico is a presentation tool that allows users to create moving slideshows from existing images. A PicoVico user simply uploads images from their computer or from their Flickr account into a PicoVico template in order to create a video style slideshow. Users are able to add their own music or can choose from PicoVico music. The entire presentation is reminiscent of leafing through an online scrapbook. While this platform is relatively new, the PicoVico templates are visually appealing and offer an additional content presentation option for marketers. (PicoVico.com)


9Slides allows users to add video to existing slideshows. Rather than simply rely on a slide presentation, users can synchronize each slide with an accompanying video presentation. An excellent option for business users, a 9Slide presentation can add depth to a slideshow not previously available. A business owner can present their product or service in slide format, and then pump up the impact of their slides by offering additional information in a spoken, videotaped presentation directly alongside their slides. While this presentation tool takes more input effort from the presenter, the rewards could definitely be worth the effort for business users. (9Slides.com)


For content marketers utilizing Facebook as their social media platform of choice, SlideMotion is another presentation tool to consider. With SlideMotion’s Video Express, users can instantly convert their existing Facebook images into visually impressive videos. In an instant, SlideMotion users can have another visual web tool at their disposal. While viewers may have already seen the images on a user’s Facebook page, presenting those images in a graphic new way allows those images to do double duty. Repurposing previously used content means content marketers are achieving more reward for their efforts. Rather than searching for new content to share, SlideMotion’s Video Express allows users to make the most out of their already existing Facebook images. (SlideMotion.com)

In a nutshell

These five slideshow creation tools are just a drop in the proverbial bucket when it comes to content marketing tools for the visual web. Adding slideshows to your marketing efforts could be just the kick in the pants your content needs. When it comes to shareable content for social media stickiness, you simply cannot beat the power of slideshows.

Over to you…


How many creative ways can you think of to utilize slide presentations in your marketing? What tools have you used? Share your experience and tips…

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