7 Podcast Tools For Your Audio Content Plan


Are you tired of trying to come up with fresh written content for your company website each week? Why not throw caution to the wind and try your hand at podcasting instead? There are a number of versatile podcasting tools you can utilize to make the most of your foray into the world of spoken content. Check out these recent startup additions to the podcasting scene:


Spreaker.com allows users to create podcasts up to 30 minutes in length for free, which is usually more than enough time for the average blog or website. Regardless of where your listeners are consuming your podcast, keeping your content brief is likely to keep your audience engaged. Users can embed Spreaker widgets directly onto their website or blog or can share their podcasts on social media sites like Facebook. In order to support their freemium model, Spreaker does come with advertising embedded. The included advertising is a small price to pay for such a versatile podcasting option.


If you do not wish to be the voice of your own podcast, another option to investigate is Voicebunny.com. With Voicebunny, users can connect with voice talent in order to make their podcasting dreams a reality. Users upload the content they want voiced, so that voice artists can submit demonstration voiceovers in response to client requests. Once a user chooses the appropriate voice talent for their podcast, a full voiceover is completed. For as little as $9.95 per article, a business can turn their written content into podcasting gold. The podcast can then be distributed via social media channels or embedded directly onto the company website.


Another interesting twist on podcasting is SoundGecko.com. With SoundGecko, users can convert website urls into voice recordings. Users can convert up to 4000 words per month for free. Paid plans allow users to convert up to 30,000 words per month. SoundGecko takes care of the voice conversion and then emails the end user an audio file. Each audio file link can then be shared via social media or downloaded directly to a user’s digital device. While the voice on the free version sounds just a tad computer generated, the quality is indeed surprisingly good for a free product. Paid versions of SoundGecko allow users to pick their voice of choice.


While still in private beta, Hublished.com allows companies to create hubs of audio content for their peers to enjoy. The Hublished platform will allow brands to build a following of interested listeners specific to their own niche. Listeners on Hublished are able to rate the content they listen to in an effort to categorize their favorites. Listeners are able to curate Hublished content into their own hubs and share their favorites with their social media networks, thus expanding the reach of the brand. For experts looking to grow their business, Hublished appears to be a winning option. Beta invites are now being offered via email signup.

3 more podcasting tools worth exploring

While not exactly new to the podcasting scene, Podomatic.com, Podbean.com, and Blubrry.com are other handy options to check out. There are a myriad of options available to content creators wishing to make the most of their creativity. With so many viable options for turning written content into the spoken word, the toughest part of the podcasting process might just be deciding on only one platform.

Over to you…

Do you podcast?  What tools do you use? Share below…

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