Three Tips To Make the Most Out Of Linkedin Groups

LinkedIn GroupsI’ve been quite active on Linkedin lately,  particularly with their “Groups” product. I’ve even created my own group.

Linkedin Groups help you expand your knowledge in your area(s) of expertise, as well as gain a broader perspective on your industry and/or niche.

The experience has been rewarding so I thought I’d share with you my views and some tips to help you make the most out of your Linkedin experience.

1. Growing your network

Joining Linkedin Groups allows you to connect with like-minded individuals outside of your immediate (work) network.

Once you’ve established who you are within the community, consider inviting fellow members to connect.

Don’t be bashful, after all it is a social site for business.  The idea is to connect and build your business network.

Tip: Don’t start connecting with people right away. Get to know your community first, participate in discussions and let them know you too.

2. Establishing your authority

I continue to be surprised by how few people actually participate in discussions.  Lost opportunity imo.

Carrying on from 1 above, participating in community discussions helps you build your name as an authority in your field.

Linkedin is a social platform.  Much like Facebook, it facilitates discussion, comments and likes.  Use them.  If you see a story you like, like it and add value by commenting on it.

Tip: Before you react to a story, read it.  Add value by commenting on it.  Provide your perspective.  This is how you build your authority and establish contacts.

3. Building your community

If you have a website around a certain topic, extend it into Linkedin by creating a Group.  It helps you build the community around your area of expertise. It also provides you with a growing platform of professionals that can help you spread your content.

A word of caution: Building a group requires dedication.  You need to provide ongoing content and encourage others to participate, not an easy task but well worth it. If you’re not ready to put the time and effort towards the group, it’s best not to start one.

Tip: Use the “Polls” functionality to encourage participation and get the pulse of the community on topics of relevance to your industry.  Publish the results of the polls on your site for greater exposure to your brand.

There you go,  three tips to make the most out of Linkedin Groups.

Now Over to you…

Do you use Linkedin Groups?  Are you making the most out of them?  Do you have any other tips to share?  Would love to hear your views…

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