The Latitude Framework: 4 i’s of Transmedia Storytelling

Transmedia Storytelling

Research consultancy, Latitude, has come up with a framework that helps businesses tell their story across multiple media channels. The four i’s of storytelling (immersion, interactivity, integration, and impact) is their transmedia approach to content marketing.

Social media, apps, tablets, and televisions… all these technologies have become increasingly integrated. But technology isn’t the only thing that has evolved. Technology users evolved too.

The more possibilities there are available to users, the more demanding users become. Online users’ expectations about what constitutes good content have changed over time, a fact that business website owners shouldn’t ignore.

Brief Background on Latitude’s Research

Earlier this year, international research consultancy, Latitude, conducted an investigation into the changing needs of online audiences and how they experience online content.

Their analysis of audiences’ unfulfilled needs and their suggestions for improvement led to the development of a framework on which business website owners can build in order to provide their target audience with a unique experience. According to Latitude’s research, audiences think that a good online experience is best achieved through storytelling.

It is no longer enough to produce interesting content and to spread that same content across different media channels. In fact, the main marketing challenge for businesses today is to deliver a consistent message across a large number of media channels, or “transmedia” to use the new online marketing buzzword.

That is why the Latitude framework for storytelling is designed to work on multiple platforms. The research consultancy asked a group of “early adopters” of technology what their expectations are when it comes to content, and based on the results, they came up with the four i’s of storytelling: immersion, interactivity, integration, and impact.

The Four i’s of Transmedia Storytelling


People who are genuinely interested in your content desire more depth. Audiences are looking for extra information, offered to them in an original manner. Provide a sensory experience for your online audience with clever apps, so that they can immerse themselves into the story that is being told to them.


Make your audience a part of your story by enabling interaction. Allow them to help write your story with user-generated content. Always respond to their comments like you would promptly answer a friend’s email or text message.


The days of spreading the same content across multiple media channels are over. Build your story from complementary pieces of content across the different channels. Each piece of content needs to contribute to a cohesive whole.


The goal of storytelling, of course, is to create a base of loyal customers who are willing to buy your products or services. A good story will inspire your audience to take action. You can do this by prompting to an appropriate purchase at suitable points in the story.

Early adopters want smart content that is not just relevant to their interests, but also to their location. What is more, they want to be able to play and interact with the content. Latitude’s framework can help business owners to integrate transmedia storytelling into their marketing strategy. It is content marketing taken to a whole new level.

Now Over to You

What do you think of Latitudes Transmedia Storytelling framework?  Can you see how it applies to your brand’s content strategy?  Share your thoughts below and/or contribute to the our poll on Linkedin.

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