Fake Twitter Followers? I Think Not.

status people logoA social media controversy is brewing; Fake Twitter followers.

The culprit, a new site called  StatusPeople.com. Their tool: Fake Follower Check.

The controversy: they claim they know who’s been faking.

I tested the tools with my own account and here’s what my profile looks like.

omar twitter score

Initially I was disappointed with my score.

15% inactive meant that ~ 20,000 followers are whittled down to only 17,000. Damn!

So I went off to check other popular accounts including some of the high profile SEO ones I follow.  What I discovered confirmed to me that this tool can’t be accurate.

Some of the unbelievable scores include:

Matt Cutts Fake Twitter Score:

 matt cutts twitter score

Google Fake Twitter Score:

google fake twitter score

YouTube Fake Twitter Score:

youtube fake twitter score

The above unbelievable scores led me to believe that this tool is inaccurate at best, and plain irresponsible at worst.

Twitter’s Point of View

Twitter has since rebuffed the tool, stating that the score does not take into account logins into its platform.  They confirmed that not all Twitter users are active publishers of content.

They say that many are consumers of content; i.e log in, read tweets and leave.

I can relate to that point of view.  This immediately devalues the credibility of this tool.

I’m not claiming that Twitter is not open for abuse.  Buying Twitter followers has become an industry in and of itself. I can see how some unscrupulous/desperate “social media experts” can be tempted to cheat in an effort to make their clients look better.

However, given the unbelievable scores seen above and numerous others that just simply don’t make sense, I think this tool is a dud.

How Can this Tool Gain Credibility?

Simple.  Become more transparent about how the scores are calculated and clarify what inactive means.

Now Over to You.

What do you think of the fake followers tool? Do you buy into it?  Share your views below…

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