Viral Cat Videos On YouTube [TOP 10]

Top 10 Youtube Cat Videos [viral]For all you cat lovers out there,  this post was inspired by a recent viral video of a mother cat hugging her baby kitten.  The video’s  only been online for two days but has so far generated more than 10 million views (that’s almost half of the views of the 10th most popular cat video of all time).

Although it could be argued that the growing popularity of social sites such as Facebook and Twitter have allowed virals to spread much faster today than they did 5 years ago.

In any case, if you haven’t seen it already, here you go. Enjoy.

Cat mom hugs baby kitten 

10.1 million views since 26 May 2011 (as of this date and hour)

Video Owner:

The video was initially seeded by who were the first to write about it and spread via The video has so far recieved over 35 comments and garnered more than 100 thousand likes however it’s not the only viral video featuring cats on YouTube.

Here are the top 10 all time youtube cat video virals featuring your always cute, mostly friendly but sometimes weird feline pets.  P&G, take note ;).

1) Funny Cats

53.4 million views since December 2006.

Video Owner:

2) Very Angry Cat – FUNNY

52.5 million views since October 2006

Video Owner:

3) The Mean Kitty Song

51.7 million Views since September 2007

Video Owner:

4) Surprised Kitty

47 million views since October 2009.  I have to credit my daughter Jana for sharing this with me. Thanks sweetheart. :)

Video Owner:

5) The Two Talking Cats

41 millions views since June 2007.

Video Owner:

6) i are cute kitten

26.8 million views since July 2008

Video Owner:  

7) Kitten Surprise!! ( how to break up a cat fight ) The Original

26 million views since August 2006

Video Owner:

8 ) Funny Cats 3

23.5 million views since May 2006

Video Owner:

9) Talking Cat

22.8 million views since May 2006.  Beware, this cat appears to be posessed. Really weird!

Video Owner:

10) Stalking Cat

22.6 million views since September 2008.

Video Owner:

What’s your favourite cat video? Share below…

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