Top 10 YouTube Sponsored Channels [UK]

What does it take to have a successful YouTube sponsored Channel?   According to the all time top 10, either of the following:   humour, sports, gaming, falling angels, gambling, or gadgets (well mobile to be specific) oh, and thumbed cats!

As of 17th May 2011 the top 10 YouTube sponsored channels in order of  pageviews are as follows. 

1-  Life’s For Sharing (T-Mobile)

In top spot, T-Mobile.  Now renowned for its improv-style viral videos such as  The T-Mobile Royal Wedding spoof, The Liverpool Train Station Dance, Trafalgar Square Sing-along and the Welcome Back instrument-free number at Heathrow airport. With a channel hosting all this digital gold, how can they go wrong?

Creative: Saatchi & Saactchi
Link: lifesforsharing
Stats: 769 Videos 77,374,497 Views

2- Glass and a Half Full (Cadbury)

Cadburys have managed to establish their ads among the most watchable on TV thanks to creative such as the drumming gorilla, the eyebrow-raising kids and lately, the ‘Charity Shop’ ??  

How can you beat random items of clothes busting to the tune of “We Don’t Have to Take Our Clothes Off”?  You can’t!  But you do wonder what it all has to do with chocolate!

Creative Agency: Fallon
Link:  glassandahalffull
Stats: 24 Videos 9,739,144 Views

3- The Lynx Effect UK

According to Unilever-owned Lynx: “[the brand] is talking to men in a new and exciting way, helping them improve their chances in the mating game, while making them feel more confident and attractive in the process”

Lynx’ ads are controversial (to say the least) and recently they’ve had to tone down the “in-your-face” style of their “Lynx effect” marketing activity for a global TV campaign  ‘Even angels will fall’

Explains why this channel gets so many views!


Creative: BBH
Link: thelynxeffect
Stats: 142 Videos 6,005,071 Views

4- Orange (no tricks, just treats with Orange broadband)

This is what they say on the Channel homepage: “Forget about your home broadband bill and calls going through the roof because of sneaky surcharges. With Orange home broadband you’re in for a treat. Find out more” 

The idea is to expose their competitors’ “small print” tricks  and offer their users treats.  Simples.  However that’s not why the channel is doing so well.  Owning a day of the week is probably why!

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.


Link: orange 
Stats: 226 Videos 3,834,772 Views

5- Motorola (ATRIX Airport TV with phone demo)

Not sure why this channel is doing so well.  Probably because Motorola actually has loyal fans.  Claiming to have produced the  “World’s Most Powerful Smartphone” can’t hurt either.  

Joking aside, they’ve actually hit the nail on the head with branding, sleek design and an extremely helpful and friendly crew moderating their channel and answering questions. That’s never a bad thing.


Link: motorola
Stats: 197 Videos 3,467,816 Views

6- World of Tanks (Open Beta Launch)

Why is this channel successful?  Two word, Free Gaming.

World of Tanksis the first game of the British company to be released under “Play 4 Free” model.  The game has the World Guinness Record in the category of Most Players Online Simultaneously on One MMO Server. The record was registered on January 23rd, 2011 when the number of players on the game’s Russian server totaled a whopping 91,311!

Link: WorldOfTanksCom
Stats: 44 Videos 3,342,009 Views

7- Cravendale (Cats with Thumbs)

Its starts: “Why do cats stare when you’re pouring milk?” Great advert and even if you’re not a cat lover, you’ve got to love the thumb thing!


Link: CravendaleTV
Stats: 24 Videos 3,244,319 Views

8- VodafoneHelpCentre (The Evolution of Mobile)

Another mobile outfit!  The description of their channel says it all:

“If you’re a Vodafone customer and need to know anything about your phone or service, you’re in the right place. We’ll post loads of video tutorials to help you through your most frequently asked questions.”

Again, can’t go wrong with just being plain helpful and showing you care. 

Link: VodafoneHelpCentre
Stats: 309 Videos 3,162,749 Views

9- PSP (NPG – See it in Action)

 And another gaming outfit.

“Subscribe to yourwholeworld and be the first to see the latest PSP™ videos”

With a statement like this why wouldn’t you become a loyal subscriber?

Overall slick design, nice colours but no interaction between the brand and subscribers. A shame really.  They can do lots more with this channel.  Maybe that’s why they’re only in position 9.

Link: yourwholeworld
Stats: 149 Videos 2,984,470 Views

10- BetFair Video (Betfair interview with Ryan Giggs 2011 – FA Cup third round)

In a nutshell: The interview before the big game on Sunday (09 Jan 2011) – FA Cup third round match between Manchester United and Liverpool.

Football and Betting?  How can they not be in the top 10!  Surprised they’re not higher up the list.

Link: BetfairFootball
Stats: 35 Videos 2,359,645 Views

What’s your favourite YouTube channel and why?  Share below…

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