4 Ways to Advertise Your Business on Facebook [TIPS]

Facebook boasts more than 500 million active users, according to the site’s official statistics as of April 2011. Each day, at least half of those users log into the site, reading the posts left by their friends and updates from groups that they have chosen to “like” or follow. Each month, people spend more than 700 billion minutes on Facebook.
Facebook Advertising

Due to the sheer magnitude of its size and traffic, Facebook advertising offers a unique opportunity to reach millions of potential customers at once. The site provides a versatile marketing tool, allowing you to reach out to current and prospective customers in numerous ways.

1. Fan Incentives

Offer special promotions on your company website to entice customers to become a fan of your business on Facebook. The best offers are for free products and services or discounted rates, which have a high-perceived value to those who use your services. Giveaways of promotional items or free ad-ons to sales are additional incentive options.

2. Surprise Promotions

Once you’ve built a list of fans for your business on Facebook, offer an unexpected, limited time sale or giveaway exclusively for those following you. Time these seemingly impromptu events to coincide with slow times of the month or season or when you have excess inventory that you need to turn. In addition to attracting business, an exciting promotion often results in reposts among your followers, which can bring more fans to your Facebook page.

3. Special Events

When your business hosts special events, workshops and the like, use Facebook to increase their visibility. In addition to posting about the event on your page, create a special event page and personally invite all of your fans. Leave attendance open so that they can invite their friends and family along. Then, send a private message to your all of your Facebook fans reminding them to attend the week and day before the event.

4. Paid Ads

In addition to the free opportunities for promotion on Facebook, consider purchasing ad space on the site. Facebook uses sophisticated algorithms to display your ads to those users who are most likely to be interested in your products and services. The advertising controls on the site allow you to establish a maximum budget to spend each day from Facebook advertising. This budget is modifiable at any time you wish, a versatility that is not common in other types of maketing.

Advertising your business on Facebook is limited only by your creativity. If you’re new to using Facebook and social media, convenient online classes are available to help you get started promoting your business to your potential 500 million new customers.

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