Top 10 SEO Consultants To Follow on Twitter

SEO is a fast changing industry and keeping up with the latest SEO news and techniques is paramount to a successfull SEO career.  Thankfully, the internet has provided the means to stay on top of the industry through various technologies including RSS feeds, email lists and now…Twitter! Below is a list of 10 of the best SEO consultants  to follow on Twitter:


Bruce Clay1- Bruce Clay is a professional search engine optimization consultant. He was interviewed by Wired Magazine in their 2004 feature “The Complete Guide to Googlemania!” and cited by USA Today in their article “Gunning for search engines” from August 20, 2003 .  His website is referenced to by NARA – ALIC – User’s Guide to the Internet at The National Archives as resource for “Web Site Promotion Tactics and Tools” .


Barbara Coll2- Barbara “WebMama” Coll is a search engine specialist a pioneer of search engine marketing (SEM), and an internationally recognized leader in search engine optimization (SEO).  Coll founded Inc. in September 1996, and in 2003 Coll established the global, non-profit Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO).  She is also a veteran (6 years) speaker at the Search engine strategies conferences  and is a past member of the advisory board of the Internet marketing conference Ad:tech.


Vanessa Fox3- Vanessa Fox (born 1972) is a search engine optimization expert, writer and consultant best known for her work creating Google Webmaster Central and as a Google spokesperson.  Google Webmaster Central is a set of tools, educational materials, and community to advise webmasters on on how to have their sites listed in Google, and to help solve problems they might have with the way Google indexes their pages.  Vanessa is a prominent technology blogger, and a frequent speaker at industry events.


Jeremy Shoemaker4- Jeremy “ShoeMoney” Schoemaker (born May 31, 1974) is a web entrepreneur, founder of ShoeMoney Media, and co-founder of the AuctionAds service.  In March 2007, Schoemaker and his business partner David Dellanave launched AuctionAds, an eBay affiliate marketing service that serves eBay auction ads on contextually relevant sites. The service won an eBay Star Developer Award (it was named the “eBay Most Innovative Application – Buyer”) at the eBay Developers Conference.  In July 2007, performance marketing company MediaWhiz purchased Schoemaker’s majority ownership in AuctionAds ShoeMoney won the SEO contest that ran from January 1, 2006 to March 1, 2006, and carried the term “redscowl bluesingsky.” He donated the prize money to the number 2 winner.



Barry Schwartz5- Barry Schwartz (born 1980) is a blogger and reporter who writes about search engines and search engine marketing. As of January 2007, Schwartz is the editor of Search Engine Roundtable, an online news site covering the search engines and search engine marketing. He also is the CEO of RustyBrick, Inc., a New York based web development company, and a news editor at Search Engine Land, a search engine news site founded by Danny Sullivan (technologist). Previously, Schwartz was a news editor at Search Engine Watch. He also moderates online and offline panels at Search Engine Watch, Cre8asite Forums and WebmasterWorld’s PubCon.[2] Schwartz hosts the Search Pulse podcast on WebmasterRadio.FM.


Danny Sullivan6- Danny Sullivan is the editor-in-chief of Search Engine Land, a blog that covers news and information about search engines, and search marketing.

Search Engine Land is owned by Third Door Media, of which Danny Sullivan is partner and chief content officer. Third Door Media also owns and operates other search related companies, including Search Marketing Now, which provides webcasts and webinars, both live and on demand, about web marketing; and Search Marketing Expo, a search engine marketing conference.


Brett Tabke7- Brett Tabke is an American programmer and SEO professional. He is the founder of WebmasterWorld, an online search engine and internet marketing forum that often receives over 1 million pageviews per day.

Tabke started working with computers at a young age, developing software for Commodore home computers. He then worked for companies like Epyx and Berkeley Softworks (later renamed to GeoWorks, and makers of the GEOS operating system). In 1984 Tabke started his first BBS using a 300 baud modem on a dialup line.  In 1996 he made the transition to internet and web technologies.


Aaron Wall8- Aaron Matthew Wall (born 1979) is a Oakland, California-based blogger and search engine optimization expert who writes the popular blog SEOBook. He is a frequent speaker at the Search Engine Strategies and PubCon conferences.  In 2005 Wall was sued by Traffic Power for defamation and publication of trade secrets, and the case was closely watched because it addressed the legal question of who’s liable for comments posted on websites and blogs  The case was dismissed for lack of personal jurisdiction, and Traffic Power failed to appeal within the allowed time.


Jill Whalen9- Jill Whalen is a search engine optimization (SEO) consultant, speaker and writer. Whalen is CEO of High Rankings, and co-founder of Search Engine Marketing New England (SEMNE). She is a regular speaker at Search Engine Strategies Conferences. High Rankings includes a top-rated SEO discussion forum.


Matt Cutts10- Matt Cutts Although not an official SEO consultant, Matt works for the Search Quality group in Google, specializing in search engine optimization issues. He is well known in the SEO community for enforcing the Google Webmaster Guidelines and cracking down on link spam. Cutts also advises the public on how to get better website visibility in Google.

* Information on the top SEOs to follow on Twitter was provided by the Wikipedia

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