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15 Content Aggregation & Curation Platforms Worth Considering

organizing content

organizing content

My job requires me to stay on top of the best content aggregation/curation platforms out there to ensure that my clients’ content is distributed, amplified and that they are seen as the undisputed experts in their fields.

Are you also in the content game? Here are 15 tools worth considering, if you haven’t already.

1- Aggreage – Creates topic-centered sites around specific market segments.

2. CIThread – Helps editors curate content for online communities (not currently available as a public consumer service).

3. Curata – Excellent conent curation and distribution platform.

4. CurationStation – Web-based software service offering a tool kit for gathering/monitoring, selecting abd sharing specific items among dynamic content.

5. DayLife – Publisher platform that consolidates media sourcing, management, curation, and composition.

6. Eqentia – Enterprise platform for aggregating, curating, consuming, analyzing and republishing news content.

7. idio – Platform for aggregation and publishing using semantic extraction and other analytics approaches.

8.  Loud3r – A real-timecontent discovery, curation and publishing platform.

9. MainStreetConnect – Creates independent hyperlocal news publications.

10. OneSpot – Aggregates, filters and prioritizes content.

11. Outside.in – Hyperlocal content solutions for sites and apps.

12. Perfect Market – Helps publishers identify, pakage, distribute and monetize content.

13. Publish2 – Content acquisistion and workflow optimization.

14. PublishThis – On-demand content publishing platform for discovery, collection, and delivery of relevant, real-time content; provides audience segmentation capabilities.

15. SmartBrief – Industry-or topic-specific email newsletters.

Over to you…

There you go, 15 content aggregation, curation platforms you may not have come across.  Or have you?  Share your views…

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  • Adam Weinroth

    Hi Omar – thank you for including us (OneSpot) in your post. You may not have heard that we’ve significantly evolved our platform over the past year. It might be good to have a chat and bring you up to date on how we’re applying some of the same aggregation and filtering technology to our breakthrough content advertising solution. Could you DM me on Twitter?

    • Thanks Adam. Would be good to chat about your your content advertising solutions. Will DM you.

    • Hi Adam, would be good to chat about your content advertising solution. Will DM you for potential time slots in early August..

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